Aprati Foods (Cambodia) [AFC] is committed to being a socially-responsible business. To achieve this goal, Aprati Foods respects human rights, following SA8000 standards, applicable laws and relevant international norms.


What do we want to achieve?

We want to create more opportunities for more happiness for our consumers, associates and community.


Who do we want to be? 

A team of respectful and respected people engaged in improving self, business and community.


How do we want to work?  

Experimentation and problem solving lead to long-term learning, improvement and success.


At Aprati Foods, we believe standards provide clear expectations, and that having clear expectations is a critical step in creating a great company.  The company uses international standards and develops internal standards, so that associates know what acceptable work looks, feels and tastes like.  Standards help to reveal problems; if we had no standards, then we would have no problems.  We need new problems to solve, so that we can continuously experiment, learn and improve.  We seek out new problems by listening and responding to our consumers, customers, associates and other stakeholders.

Every associate, in every position, makes many important decisions every single day.  How do we make decisions at Aprati Foods?  AFC associates use five overarching decision-making priorities:  Safety, Honesty, Quality, Flexibility and Value. 

1. AFC is committed to providing SAFETY.  Safety means the safety of people. Safety is # 1. We produce safe food for consumers; create a safe and healthy workplace for our associates, contractors and visitors; and we contribute to the wellbeing of our community by respecting the environment. 

2. AFC is committed to being HONEST. Honesty is how we work with one another, our stakeholders and our society.  Associates are encouraged to provide honest and frequent feedback, exposing problems to enable improvement.  AFC works to follow all legal and regulatory requirements.  For example, associates and intermediaries are not allowed to give bribes when conducting business with government officials. 

3. AFC is committed to delivering QUALITY.  Quality is good work.  We work to make quality, standard candy that will create HAPPY CONSUMER EXPERIENCES.  When it comes to products, consumers are the ultimate judges of quality, and their feedback is vital to our success. Quality is about more than just products.  We never want to pass defective work, of any type, to the next person, because that leads to the waste of re-work, which adds extra cost and time. 

4. AFC is committed to developing FLEXIBILITY.  Flexibility allows us to adapt to an ever-changing world; we want to be able to do more than one thing.  AFC wants to be capable of creating, inventing and producing several kinds of candy.  Plus, we want all associates to be capable of performing many kinds of meaningful work.  In order to develop flexibility, the company encourages development, provides training and supports experimentation and problem solving.

5. AFC is committed to receiving and offering VALUE.  Value means value for money.  AFC wants to receive value from our suppliers, offer value to our customers and consumers and provide value to our shareholders.