Management System Executive

Job Requirements

  1. Minimum 2-3 years of job-related experience
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science or Food Technology
  3. Strong in English
  4. Computer skills required: MS office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), MS Visio
  5. Knowledge in GMP, HACCP, BRC and SA8000 are preferred

Job Responsibilities

  1. Detailed Requirements (clauses) of international standards are understood, so that there is clarity about “what success looks like.” Whenever possible, work done to satisfy one standard is used to satisfy others.
  2. Training is provided to AFC associates to help them comply with standards.
  3. Document Management System is maintained
  4. Internal Audits and Gap Analyses are performed to identify non-conformances. Policies, procedures, and actual practices are studied and analyzed. Findings and recommendations are presented to a wider group for root cause analysis and problem solving.
  5. Corrective Action Requests are resolved. CARs are viewed as projects, with next steps and timelines, and appropriate follow-up is conducted until the item is cleared.
  6. Management Review Meetings highlight new legal and customer requirements, progress, challenges, trends, and resource requirements.
  7. Coordinate external audit and consultant
  8. Establish policy, procedure, and form etc.
  9. Feedback and Communication Systems facilitate group problem solving by being available and accessible to a wide range of AFC associates.