Sale Merchandiser

Job Requirements

  1. Graduated from High School, preferably associate degree, or bachelor’s degree.
  2. Good communication and negotiation skills.
  3. Experience in sales or marketing at least 1 year.
  4. Relationship management skill and openness to feedback.
  5. Microsoft Word and Excel
  6. Friendly with good interpersonal skill.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Organize the shelf and display AFC products appropriately (Easy to find).
  2. Changeout stock per guidelines.
  3. Setup displays and POSM.
  4. Input a variety of data into CRM system during each customer visit.
  5. Prepare weekly & monthly report regarding quality of distribution (On the counter, in front of the shop, On the shelf, back of the shop, etc.
  6. Prepare weekly & monthly competitor report on distribution, displays and pricing.
  7. Provide superior customer service and sustain positive relationships with customers/retailers.
  8. Greet customer/retailer in a friendly manner and courteous manner at each and very account.
  9. Identify low stock or out of stock situations and help order product.
  10. Collaborate with frontline salespeople and other company associates to achieve effective in-store execution, identifying problems and proposing solutions related to sales and marketing.
  11. Follow daily plan and route map.
  12. Other tasks assigned by Zone Sales Manager.