Senior Engineering & Maintenance Technician

Job Requirements

  1. Engineering degree in Industrial Electrical, Control Automation or experienced from working with Electrical Automation in Industries.
  2. 2 to 3 years experiences as Technician or Sr. Technician level.
  3. High electrical knowledge and practical skills.
  4. Medium mechanical knowledge and practical skills.
  5. Understanding of reading and interpreting electrical schematic and electrical floor plan, able to modify and update electrical schematic using common AutoCAD.
  6. Efficient understanding of using industry PLC program (Backup, Up/Download, Modified) and able to learn and develop the skill.
  7. English is a must, require at least Limited Working Proficiency level of English in workplace (understand and could communicate both verbal and written).
  8. Medium level user of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) – On-time report delivery, organized and understandable.
  9. Strongly able to adapt in multi-tasking environment and flexible to work with different none-related tasks / project occasionally.
  10. Quick responsive and strong problem-solving skill such as 5-Why analysis and Fishbone’s analysis.
  11. Passionate and enthusiastic with learning new things especial international standards / regulation.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Support production and process at the Production Shopfloor related to equipment/facilities troubleshooting
  2. Timely execute to ensure the measuring devices of processing equipment, utilities equipment and product development is calibrated and complied with national regulation and international standards.
  3. Plan and execute to ensure the preventive maintenance is conducted in correct interval, effective and low equipment downtime.
  4. Plan and coordinate with service contractor to ensure electrical distribution equipment is well maintained and inspected to ensure no downtime and electrical incident in AFC site.
  5. Reinforce and execute to ensure electrical safety is not compromised in AFC site.
  6. Establish policy, procedure, work instruction and provide training to Operator / Technician to maintain and improve competency of team.
  7. Timely execute testing and commissioning of new/modified process or equipment to ensure the consistency of the processes, systems and facilities.
  8. Apply Root Cause Analysis study and CAPA method to respond with problems and non-conformities.