Quality Assurance Technician

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree of food science or comparable experience
  2. At least 1 year experience with standard such as HACCP or BRC issue 8
  3. Good in English (Speaking, writing, reading & listening skill)
  4. Computer Skill: Ms. Power Point, Excel, Word

Job Responsibilities

  1. Daily check production site to ensure that products are produced with good quality, safety, and legality
  2. Proper handling of non-conforming products/processes and escalating to higher authorities if needed
  3. Implement, maintain & improve quality system such as GHP, HACCP, BRC
  4. In-house testing such as moisture, water activity, pH., etc..
  5. Lab Inventory Review
  6. Establish and revise form, work instruction., etc..
  7. Other tasks assigned by line manager

Email: recruitment@apratifoods.asia

Contact: 010 296 128 / 069 617 423 / 086 446 793