Engineering and Maintenance Technician (Mechanical)

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor or associate degree in Mechanical and Workshop skill, preferably experience with machinery and mechanical work
  2. Minimum 1 Year experience
  3. Practical mechanical skill (not just theory)
  4. Understanding how to read mechanical drawing
  5. Must be able to use mobile app for performing task and communication within the team
  6. Be able to adapt with multi-task environment and flexible to work with different and none-related task/ project sometimes
  7. Responsive and strong problem-solving skill
  8. Must be able to learn new skill

Job Responsibilities

  1. Assigned to support for production and process
  2. Conduct preventive maintenance on equipment and machine
  3. Conduct corrective/breakdown maintenance on equipment and machine also with root cause analysis
  4. Hand with the workshop skills such as cutting, drilling, grinding, welding, threading, lathing and more
  5. Ensure the availability for responding to problem happens in shop floor in case of equipment breakdown, incident and other
  6. Work and coordinate with contractor to ensure the project is done and compliance
  7. Be able to work as team, receptive to the guidance from Senior
  8. Be able to work with the production shift changing, normal shift, evening shift and night shift


Contact: 010 296 128 / 069 617 423 / 086 446 793 / 087 837 031