Production Coordinator

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor's Degree in Technical diploma or BST of Mechanical, Electrical, Automation and Foods Science
  2. At least 2 years of experience in related fields
  3. Be able to communicate in English well (reading, writing, and speaking)
  4. Computer Skill: MS. Word, Excel, Internet, E-mail,

Job Responsibilities

  1. Safety, Quality, Sanitation and Order maintain and improve safety, quality, and sanitation in the business operation of the company
  2. Production Line Inspection documents are accurately completed to support food safety and enable continuous improvement to comply with any standards
  3. Problem Identification and Problem Solving identify and solve the problems as a team to improve the business and community
  4. Hygiene Monitoring conduct ATP swab test, moisture content and water activity analysis and personal hygiene
  5. New Product Support and New Product Scale-up help the team learn and the business grow by experimenting with new ingredients, formulations, and processes
  6. Raw Materials are received and inspected so that the business runs safely and efficiently
  7. Quality Finished Goods are produced and packaged to meet the food safety standards
  8. Goods are Stored and Shipped so that the right product goes to the right location at the right time
  9. Shift Control and Handover by coordinating the activities of the shift to make sure that products are produced within the specification, standards and collect the information from daily production for reporting to Production Manager at the end of shift to another shift


Contact: 010 296 128/ 069 617 423 / 086 446 793