DG Admin Assistant (Sales + P&B)

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor's Degree in appropriate field of study or equivalent work experience
  2. Experience working with FMCG company related to sales support for a minimum of 1 year is desirable.
  3. Knowledge of social media is desirable

Job Responsibilities

  1. Co-ordinate with Area Sales Coordinator/Executive and Zone Managers to create Sales Orders and Invoices.
  2. Implement sales system assigned to share regular update. Stockiest Inventory and other measures.
  3. Establish, develop, and maintain positive responses to consumers and customer via social media platforms and Telephone consumers.
  4. Collect and identify customer problems and complaints to maximize satisfaction.
  5. Escalate issues which need urgent solutions with Sales Manager.
  6. Create Sales report, provide feedback from customers.
  7. Support activities and administration tasks of Product & Brand department.

Email: recruitment@apratifoods.asia

Contact: 010 296 128