National Sales Manager

Job Requirements

  1. BSc/MSc degree in Marketing, Business Administration or related field is preferred
  2. Outstanding negotiation and consultative sale skills
  3. Effective communication skills
  4. Experience managing, directing, mentoring, and coaching sale team
  5. Very good in English

Job Responsibilities

  1. Create a strong pro-consumer, pro-customer and pro-sales culture in the company.
  2. Deploy Company principles, Objectives and Strategies throughout Sales Department.
  3. Integrate both Marketing and Sales efforts to deliver business objectives and results, ensuring seamless execution of the whole plan (e.g. right quality, on schedule and on budget).
  4. Guide continuous improvement of consumer, shopper and retailer journeys to maximize company revenue and profits.
  5. Coordinate with managers in all departments to obtain goods, services, and information, being a strong and diplomatic internal customer with high standards.
  6. Monitor key metrics, review results with subordinates and coach problem solving to close gaps between target and actual performance.
  7. Meet or exceed sales objectives, track sales goals and revenue targets.
  8. Build a good network with export Distributors in FMCG industry and identify business opportunities to grow customer base and increase market share.
  9. Co-ordinate with Finance & Accounts to ensure compliance with financial controls on collections and receivables.


Contact: 010 296 128