Aprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd awarded the BRC Grade AA, Global Food Safety Standard

(Phnom Penh)៖ Aprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd is the first candy producer in Cambodia to be awarded the BRC grade AA ,Global Food Safety Standard.

After nearly 3 years of operating in Cambodia, the company has been awarded certification for several other standards, such as the Food Hygiene Standard (GMP), the Food Safety Standard (HACCP) and the Social Accountability Standard (SA 8000)

Company policy ensures that our candies undergo months of research and testing in terms of flavor, raw material, storage conditions and market research by local researchers and our development team. We focus on food safety and consumer preference in order to ensure the quality. 

The company has already released a variety of candies such as Mocati Espresso, Mocati Caramel and Mocati Mochamint based on coffee flavors. Additionally, there are also Aprati Mint, Aprati Menthol and Aprati Supermenthol based on coolness and high quality at a reasonable price. Soon, Java Plum candy, Salted Green Mango candy, and Spicy Tamarind candy based on local village fruits will be released.

According to Mr. Aaron Johnson, Managing Director of Aprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd, “Happy Consumer Experiences” is the focus of the company. The priorities which we continuously reinforce are Quality and Food Safety because consuming high-quality candy gives confidence to the consumer. “Our teams are committed to providing the best quality of candy to the consumer. It gives me great pride that the company has achieved this global food safety standard grade AA.”   

The company also plans to achieve additional quality standard certifications to meet consumer and trade demands, since our candies are not only distributed in Cambodia but also exported to America. We also plan to export to ASIAN markets in the near future.

 For those who haven’t tried the special flavor of candies from Aprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd, please try our marvelous range of high-quality products.