"Frutati", a new fruity candy, has been officially released

The company has officially launched the candy brand "Frutati", which focuses on three types of local fruits: Java Plum, Salted Green Mango and Spicy Tamarind. All of candy products received international food safety and quality standards, such as GMP, HACCP, BRC, HALAL and more to ensure customer’s  satisfaction.


Seeing the potential of fruit consumption and support of local products, the brand-new candy has been researched for months in terms of fruity taste, raw materials and storage quality. Made entirely by Cambodian, we focus on food safety and quality and Cambodian’s preferences.


According to Mr. Aaron Johnson, Managing Director of AFC, said, "He is very proud of the hard work of AFC associates who have successfully created the new flavor of candy. This is a good sharing of Happy Consumer Experiences. He hopes that Cambodian people will support more on local product”.


For Frutati candy, the Java Plum flavor is unique and extraordinary. Java Plum is traditionally consumed in the form of fresh fruit, but now we can make a delicious Java Plum candy for all seasons. This Frutati Java Plum is beautifully sweet-sour with fresh plum aroma.



For Salted Green Mango, it is also unique as innovated from Sour Green Mango as snack to be the anytime-green mango candy. As well, this sweet, sour and salty candy, combined with the fruity aroma of green mango, is well-deserved for those who like to eat green mango at lunch time.



In addition, the Frutati Spicy Tamarind is also amazingly flavorful, made of tamarind mixed with spicy. It brings the salty, and sour-spicy with an interesting taste.


Aprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd. has officially launched the new product aimed to promoting local products and expanding its market. Customers can easily find, buy and try new flavors of Fruti candy in Cambodian market. Please try these new and unique flavors to support local produce, support local employment and reduce imports. Please contact 087 300 040 for more information on products of Aprati Foods.