Bravo! The new "Frutati" candy that just released, has received incredible customer support. Consumers love our Frutati Candy!

Our signature fruit flavors, Pring (java plum), Ompil Mtes (spicy tamarind), and ‘Svay Ombel’ (Green Mango & Salt) are very popular and everyone keeps asking for more.

Where are the flavors originated from? Pring, is one of those fruits that every Khmer person grows up eating. This fruit reminds us of our childhood and being with our relatives and friends while eating this yummy fruit. We never got enough of the taste and texture that it gave us.


Mango, on the other hand, doesn’t shy away from our memories growing up. Mango is everywhere and almost always available in the market. At the same time, eating mango alone is not fun. Adding salt to the sour mango gives a refreshing feeling that everyone enjoys. And, of course, that is what we want for our consumers.

Tamarind?! Who eats tamarind for fun? Well, with our study and research, we can do just that. Adding spiciness to the sourness of tamarind, brings an exciting and fun feelings to our consumers’ candy eating experience. They love it!

The company officially launched the candy brand "Frutati" in January 2020, and in just two months, the product is booming in every corner of the country. As a Cambodian candy maker, we are proud and happy to see the success, especially, to know that we created something that put a smile on our customers’ faces.

Our goal is to promote local products and expand our product line so that  customers can easily find, buy and try new candy flavors everywhere in Cambodia.

We hope that with this success with Frutati, our customers will continue to support ournew and unique flavors to promote local products and support local employment

Please contact 087 300 040/087 300 226 for more information on products of Aprati Foods.